Spring 2024 TCMC Schedule

April 21st – Embarkation Day
Venue TBD1:00pm – 4:00pmWristband Check-in
April 22nd – Sea Day 1
Dazzles – VIP Party1:00pmDoors Open
1:15pmWill Banister
2:00pm Cory Morrow
Studio B7:30pmVIP Doors Open
7:35pmGA Doors Open
8:00pmTopo Chico Cowboys
8:45pmIsaac Jacob
10:00pmBri Bagwell
April 23rd – Sea Day 2
Dazzles – VIP only8:45amDoors Open
Morning Show with9:00amCameron Havens
Craig Vaughn9:45amThom Shepherd
10:30amZane Williams
Main Theater2:00pmDoors Open
2:15pmWill Banister
3:00pmGary P Nunn
April 24th – Roatan, Honduras
Studio B7:30pmVIP Doors Open
7:35pmGA Doors Open
8:00pmZach Nytomt
8:45pmTanner Sparks
10:00pmCory Morrow
April 25th – Porta Maya
Studio B7:30pmVIP Doors
7:35pmGA Doors
8:00pmCameron Havens
8:45pmTopo Chico Cowboys
10:00pmMicky and the Motorcars
April 26th – Cozumel
Day off in Cozumel
April 27th – Final Sea Day
Dazzles – VIP only8:15amDoors Open
Morning show with8:30amIsaac Jacob
Craig Vaughn9:30amBri Bagwell
10:30amGary P. Nunn
Main Theater1:00pmDoors Open
1:15pmZach Nytomt
2:00pmWilder Blue
Studio B8:30pmVIP Doors Open
8:35pmGA Doors Open
8:45pmThom Shepherd & Coley McCabe
10:00pmDarrin Morris